• Meet Emily...

    Meet Emily...

    Emily has been one of our biggest cheerleaders and volunteers from the beginning! She has always jumped in where needed and invested her time, talents, and resources. We are excited to see her involvement amp up as she interns with us this summer! She will be helping in one of our major programs, ROOTS. But we will let you hear from her:

    "My name is Emily Neill. I’m a senior studying social work at Auburn University. This summer I’m overjoyed that I’ve been given the chance to return to Luyando serving as an intern. 

    After having been to Zambia several times, I got to work with Luyando two years ago and have since fallen in love with the work God is doing through this ministry. Just Kelsey and I went that time. But last year, I was able to go back again with a larger team. Again, we saw the Lord’s hand in all the work being done through Luyando. When praying this year about how I would use my summer break from school, I of course knew I wanted to go back to Zambia, but I wasn’t sure if it was where the Lord was leading me. I spent much time praying. There was no doubt that I wanted to be in Zambia again. But as always, I feel it’s important to go only because that is what I can do to best serve the Lord, and not just because it’s something that I want to do. I learned about the six week internship and immediately saw God opening doors for that to happen. And after interviewing, I knew that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing on break. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity and I am excited about spending much more time in the village than before. This will give us a chance to truly invest in the community and build better relationships. 

    My interest in Luyando has always been how an entire community is being transformed through the programs they have started. For the children, programs include kids club, the feeding program, and even child sponsorship. These programs, however, affect the welfare of entire families. There have even been parents and loved ones come to know Christ. Children in the program bring their families to outreach events (like the Jesus Film) and can tell them about Bible stories they have learned at kids club. It has been really cool to see. After all, Luyando does ministry to see this entire community one day radically transformed by the Gospel. 

    One of the ways that Luyando has begun biblical discipleship and reaching families with the gospel is through starting ROOTS groups. Luyando’s staff members began a group three months ago. They simply went through a passage in the Bible and then discussed questions like these: 

    What do you like about this story?

    What did you find difficult to understand?

    What does this story teach us about people?

    What does this story teach us about God?

    How can you obey this story/teaching?

    How will you live it out?

    With whom will you share this story?

    Since then, many groups have sprung up all over the village including many families that are involved in Luyando’s programs. The ROOTS page says it best, “Our desire is that by feeding the community the Word of God and learning together we can grow deep roots in Christ which then produce bountiful fruits of action that demonstrate love.” Since the groups’ beginnings, there have already been people come to trust in Christ as their Savior. Praise be to the Lord. 

    Here’s how I come in: this summer I will be serving as the ROOTS Coordinator. Working alongside Luyando staff and local church members, I will build on groups that have already been started, encourage believers as we start new groups, and oversee discipleship training. Through God’s grace, I actually have a few years of experience doing this same type of work as I helped church plant in other areas of Zambia. This time, we will really get to build up God’s people in this village, His church. This is how community transformation happens. I am excited to come alongside those who have begun this good work and learn from them as we study the Word with others in the village. We will be providing   storying passages to those who cannot read. I hope to equip others to continue the work long after I leave. Please pray for all that are involved in Luyando’s programs. You can pray that we would boldly proclaim the gospel and seek the Lord in all we do with ROOTS groups. Finally pray for those amazing Luyando staff members that have begun this amazing work. It is truly a privilege to serve beside them. 

    I am most excited about building better relationships with people in Simukale village. My family has a sponsor child named Precious that I will thankfully get to spend time with again. She actually made a decision to follow Christ last summer at a Jesus Film showing and I am so excited to see how she has grown since then. I also want to really get to know the ladies that run Luyando daily. Through ROOTS groups and cooking and just hanging out at their houses, I look forward to building relationships with them and their families. There is so much I have learned from Zambian believers over the years and I am excited for that opportunity again. 

    I am truly grateful for all who have supported and prayed for me. And it is a privilege to serve through such an amazing ministry. It is only through God’s grace and faithfulness in my life that I am getting to be a part of His mission in Zambia...And I can’t wait!'

    Kelsey and our interns leave June 8! We have 13 days until they get on the plane to Zambia! Our staff is anxiously waiting their arrival! Pray with us as they prepare to go.

  • Meet Paxton...

    Meet Paxton...

    Paxton is another one of our incredible interns. Paxton has served in Zambia with our staff on teams not connected with Luyando and has been a joy to serve with. He and Pastor Kapapa are basically best friends so Pastor Kapapa can't wait to reunite with him this summer! Paxton brings alot of great qualities to the table. And just like with the other two interns his passions and skills directly line up with the needs we currently have. His enthusiasm and "can do" spirit is one of the things that make him a great asset. So, meet Paxton...

    "My name is Paxton Brittle and I am junior at Auburn University! I have the incredible opportunity to serve as an intern at Luyando in Zambia this summer! I have been to Zambia three times before and cannot wait to get back to the country I love so much! It has been incredible to see God's hand in this entire process of being called to go! At Auburn I am Younglife leader at Auburn Junior High School! This ministry gives me the opportunity to invest in the lives of kids in Auburn and teach them the Gospel through fun games, songs, and short bible studies! This ministry has prepared me so well for my time at Luyando!

    I will be serving as the Kids Club coordinator where I will be helping with Kids club to refresh it with new games and activities and approaches to teAching bible stories! I will be discipleing Richard, Luyando's Kids Club Coordinator, through spending time with him and his family each day.  This is exactly what I have been being prepared by God for in Younglife! I also will have the opportunity to mentor a young guy who leads worship at Simukale Baptist Church. I'll be helping him learn how to lead the Body of Christ in worship and giving him new ideas to put to use. I will also be leading a youth night every wednesday that will be targeted at teens and getting them involved in the Gospel in a way that is fun and exclusively for them. And last but not least I will be helping to start a soccer outreach ministry to involve some older guys in the village. All of these areas will be highly relational and will allow me to build relationships and make disciples.

    It's amazing how God places people in situations that they don't understand to prepare them for tasks he has in their future! I can't wait to get to Zambia and help make a difference in these kids and their fAmilies lives! Thank you for all your prayers and support!" 

    Our interns leave on June 8 to begin their time in Zambia. They have a lot of responsibilities they are preparing for and we are so confident in them and everything they will be doing this summer. Paxton is still in the process of fundraising for his trip and all of his money is due this Tuesday. So, if you know Paxton or want to be apart of what he is doing in Zambia this summer a great way to do that would be through supporting him financially. But of course the most important way to get involved is through prayer. Nothing worth while happens without it. 

    Here is the link to Paxton's Fundraising Page if you would like to donate to his trip. 

  • Meet Mary Jayne...

    Meet Mary Jayne...

    We are thrilled to introduce you to one of our summer interns Mary Jayne Looney. Her gifts are lined up specifically with the needs we have as a ministry and we know that our pairing is of the Lord. Mary Jayne has such a servant's heart and our team in the states and in Zambia are excited to serve alongside her this summer. Our interns leave for Zambia in 25 days!

    "My name is Mary Jayne Looney and I am a senior elementary education major at Mississippi College in Clinton, MS.  I grew up at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL and this is where I was first introduced to missions. It has become a vital part of my life and ambitions for the future. I want to live out what scripture says about “making disciples of ALL nations”.

    I learned about Luyando in its very beginning stages through Kelsey Weeks. I was able to see how she wanted to see a ministry in Zambia and her actually put it into action. I have had a sponsor child, Josephine, through Luyando for about two years and have loved every minute of it. I adore my precious Josephine like she is my own child.  In the fall, I began praying and asking the Lord what he would have me do this summer, and when I thought that I had everything figured out, (thinking I might serve with another ministry again this summer)  the Lord kept closing the door. I knew he had something bigger and better for me elsewhere, so I began to pray some more. I had friends pray over me and for me. I began to sit in solitude and just think and have conversations with the Lord. Talking audibly to him. Waiting for him to give me some sort of clue of what HE wanted me to do, not what I wanted me to do. While I was praying one day, I got a text message from Kelsey asking if I had considered going to Zambia that summer. I told her no and that I would pray about it. I asked the Lord that if this is what he wanted me to do, I would sign up and serve him in Zambia. Around this time, Luyando put out an application for interns. I decided that I would apply and that if the Lord wanted me to do this, he would make a way. During the waiting period, he continually laid Luyando on my heart. I have always known that I would love to go to Zambia and do ministry and I finally saw this opportunity to intern. I have always had a heart for children and know that spending time with and teaching children is what the Lord wants me to do for the rest of my life. I knew for a fact that the Lord wanted me to spend my summer in Zambia after my intern interview with Gaylene. I truly felt the Lord speaking directly to me through her and knew without a shadow of a doubt that he wanted me to serve him through Luyando this summer.

    This summer I will be serving as the Live Well Director. Live Well is a program that is in its early stages. This ministry is Luyando’s special needs ministry. I have always had a passion for special needs children and I am BEYOND excited about having the chance to foster relationships with these children and their families this summer. My main goal will be to build these relationships and to be a source of information to the parents about how to better connect with these children. I am so excited to share with these parents about how these children can still have a relationship with Jesus Christ, but it may not look just like the “average person’s” relationship with him. I am also hoping to be in one of the local schools educating teachers on how to interact with the special needs students in their classroom. My ultimate goal for Simukale Village is for them to educate them through service to transform how the people in the village view kids with disabilities.

    Above all during the six weeks I will be serving in Zambia, I want to show the love of Christ to the people there. I want to see satan flee and Jesus reign on his throne throughout the village. I pray to witness life change.  I am so excited about meeting my precious Josephine and loving on her sweet family. I am excited about serving with two of my very best friends, Kelsey and Emily for a whole six weeks. I am excited to see how the Lord stretches me and reveals more of himself to me during my time in Zambia. "

  • Our Champion in Zambia

    Our Champion in Zambia

    A short word from our Co-founder and Managing Director, Wilfred Kapapa:

    "I first met Kelsey in Mwandi, Livingstone, Zambia in 2009 where we had a medical church planting campaign. I was her translator and I really loved the way she presented her personal testimony. After the campaign she gave me a card I have treasured ever since that day and the words she wrote in the card were and I quote; “Dear Pastor Kapapa, I enjoyed learning so much from you this week! I will also be looking forward to seeing you again and working together in America! I will keep you in my prayers!”

    (Above Picture: Mwandi Village in Livingstone, Zambia with Victoria Falls in the distance.)

    I never took that so seriously, all I thought was that she was happy we served the Lord together. Littledid I know that her words were like prophesy that would one day be fulfilled. That marked the beginning of her mission trips in Zambia and ever since that time she has been on these trips to Zambia every year. 

    (Above Picture: Left to Right: Pastor Kapapa, Kelsey, and Abel Zulu in 2009)

    In 2011 if I am not mistaken she remained in Zambia after a church planting campaign to gain more ministry experiences around Zambia. I tried to connect her to some ministries in Zambia but that did not work. I admit I forgot about the prophesy of working together but God brought it alive on our minds that we should start a kids club in one of the villages in Monze and Simukale kids were brought on my heart. 

    On the 6th of January 2012 we had our first attempt and thank God it was very successful and that was the birth of Luyando with Kelsey and I as founders. That was how God miraculously brought us together for this purpose and Kelsey’s words have been fulfilled; I am working together with her in the States through Luyando. "  

    Pastor Wilfred Kapapa

    Co-Founder and Managing Director | Luyando

    There cannot be enough good things said about this man. If you ever get the opportunity to meet him you will see how infectious his smile is and how much joy overflows from him out of his love for the Lord. Pastor Kapapa is helping to guide everything done in Zambia with wisdom and leading our staff in how to serve biblically. We have been blessed to do ministry with Pastor Kapapa and I'm so thankful personally to be able to be a part of his family in Zambia and his family a part of mine. 

    Encourage him by sending him an email at kapapa@luyando.org,  or give financially to what Luyando is doing. Believe it or not, He is encouraged when he finds out that people from the states are invested in what we are doing in that way, he is amazed and it reminds him of God's faithfulness. 

    Pray for Him as he not only pastors Monze Central Baptist, trains pastors all over Sub-Saharan Africa, and also leads Luyando's operations in Zambia. Pray for his family: his wife Charity and his six children (Purity, Enoch, Deborah, Eunice, Gaylene, and Kelsey.)

  • Luyando at G.I.C. @ Shades Mountain Baptist Church

    Luyando at G.I.C. @ Shades Mountain Baptist Church

    This month Luyando had the opportunity to be a part of a Global Impact Celebration at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL. This time is set aside in the life of Shades to bring together missionaries and church planters from all around the world for a time of encouragement both for them and for the Shades Mountain Body.

    The preparations for this week stateside started all the way back in November of 2013. Our team began praying about this time and getting things together. 

    Our hard work paid off! Our booth looked great thanks to huge help from Rob Thomas and the M.O.R.E. team. 

    Each missionary was paired with a Sunday School class that would be their biggest cheerleaders for the week. During the week there is time to get to know them and share about ministry. Luyando's story was shared and not only people from the class got involved but from the whole church! 

    Here are some numbers just to give you an idea of how much God blessed the time:

    • 2 kids were sponored- Brenda, and Sundra
    • 1,020 meals were provided through tshirt sales and generous donations
    • 98 bricks were given to build Luyando Children's Village
    • A fund was started to one day purchase a 4x4 vehicle 
    • The money needed to buy a computer was donated plus more that will go to other ministrie needs

    As amazing as those numbers are that's not all that matters. Last week our discipleship program, ROOTS, had groups meeting all across the village talking about how to follow Christ with their lives. Out of that time 16 people decided to live their life for Christ

    Everything we do, all of the programs we have to enrich the lives of Zambians, is done with the hope that there would be a new generation of disciples in Zambia and that they would rise up to change a whole nation and as a result, the world.

    Thank you for joining us finanically and partnering us through prayer. None of it would be possible without your involvement!

    If you are new to our family, thank you for believing in what we are doing! Get involved by giving, and going! 

  • You Gave Simukale A Bathroom

    You Gave Simukale A Bathroom

    Earlier this week we expressed a need for funds to provide two bathrooms on our plot of land in Simukale. You responded.

    In less than 24hrs $500 was raised to build both bathrooms. 

    Now 300 kids, 16 staff members, and teams that come to help us will have a clean place to use the restroom! 

    In the coming months we will have a lot going on our land. Everything from regular everyday things like kids club and feeding program to digging a well, and beginning to build bricks for Luyando Children's Village. This bathroom was an immediate need that all of you helped to meet. Thank you for giving abundantly.

    God has continually provided what is needed for Luyando and we trust that He will continue to do so. Thank you for joining us in bringing change to Zambia.

  • Happy Birthday Luyando!

         I've come to the conclusion rather quickly that when you are where you are supposed to be, there is no greater peace. Even if the task ahead is daunting and there are a handful of unknowns that seem to continuously be slipping through my fingers. I am where the Lord would have me and that reassurance is exactly what my soul needed after leaving Auburn.

         We have hit the ground running from the start of this year with both M.O.R.E and Luyando. I'm slowly but surely learning how we function as a team and what is expected of me. I have not been able to dive head first into the Community Transformation aspect of M.O.R.E quite yet because I have been preparing to go to Zambia.

         It's been 2 years since Luyando first started. T W O  Y E A R S. That blows my tiny brain to bits. I look at what all God has done with my jaw dropped and can't help but fall on my knees in awe. He has doubled the number of kids we can reach with the Gospel. He has provided devoted workers who have not wavered in their dedication to the cause. He has provided families and individuals here in the states to sponsor our sweet kids each month. He has opened doors for Luyando Children's Village. He has created jobs through Luyando for people of our Simukale community. He has brought both children and adults to Himself who are now living for Jesus. He has restored relationships with mothers and fathers. He has united a community that was once torn a part by difference in Religion. He has given more children the opportunity to get an education. He has brought access to medical care to a village that never had it.  He has done ALL of this and Luyando got to be the hands and feet of it all.

         Needless to say, there has been so much happening we are playing a little catch up! That is why I will be going to Zambia this month to talk with our staff about what all has been done and how we can do it better. There is tons we have to accomplish on this trip. Thankfully, we all welcome it because it means God is doing great things.

    As we meet, pray for us:

    • Pray for direction for our Executive Staff as we make some tough decisions. 
    • Pray for travel safety.
    • Pray for our hearts to be open to God's plan and not our own.
    • Pray for our sweet kids. There are about 300 of them.
    • Pray for people here in the states to catch our vision and join us financially. 

    Happy Birthday, Luyando. 

    Kelsey Weeks
    Executive Director



  • Transformative Life for The Gospel

    "Mobilization Resources (M.O.R.E.) exists to provide mission resources to help mobilize the local church into disciple making missions. Kelsey Weeks will be resourcing churches with information and opportunities to serve a local community in meeting a transformational need such as orphan care."- Don Jones, CEO Mobilization Resources

    What I'm doing is not revolutionary. It's not special. What I'm doing isn't radical. What it is, is Biblical.

    God hasn't called me to live according to how others tell me I should. He has called me to follow after Him. And my posture of following should not be one of a slow walk, or a speed walk middle-aged women do in malls, or a jog. It should be a full on run with complete abandon. 

    Actually, that is what He has called us all to. 

    The two greatest commands that Christ gave us were to love God with every fiber of our being and to love people. 

    If we love God and fall completely in love with who He is and what He is about, then naturally we have a heart for his people. 

    Our response should be to reach them. To go to them; meet them where they are and just show them Jesus. 

    As Christians, we need stop only inviting people inside the walls of a church building.

    The beautiful thing about what I get to do, not only through Luyando, but also now through M.O.R.E., is help individuals and churches to realize this. 

    Unfortunately, in today's world and the culture of the American church, we have strayed from the Church being the body and bride of Christ, instead making it an enterprise. Our churches tend to focus more within their walls than outside their walls. 

    In the future, it won't be the mega churches that are changing the world for the Gospel. It will be small churches in corners all over the world who have not been affected by prosperity. They have a hunger to reach their communities for Christ in order to transform the entire World. 

    I don't know about you, but I want to be a part of that! I want to help equip believers to follow God's call on their life. I want to give them the resources they need to meet the needs of their community. I want to see missional bodies of believers rise up across the nation and globe to go where it's ugly, and to step out in faith.

    This isn't something we can take on half-heartedly. We have to be committed. 

    In my case, to commit means full-time ministry. For you, it may mean something different. And it should! Missions has three vital parts: praying, giving, and going. One cannot exist without the other. 

    So as I "go", I ask that you pray for me. Pray that I can identify ways churches can meet transformational needs in their communities. Pray for the Lord's clear direction on my life and that I recognize it. Pray for my heart. 

    Now here's the uncomfortable one: give. As uncomfortable as it is for people to realize, giving financially is a necessary part of carrying out the Great Commission in our day. Being in full-time ministry means that I rely fully on financial support day to day. So, I need monthly supporters who will contribute some sort of amount each month. And I even need one-time donors. Every little bit makes a difference. 

    M.O.R.E. has made it easy for you to do so through secure online giving on their website. 

    Donate to my ministry fund online on the Givepage.

    With the year wrapping up, it would ease my heart a lot to know I have a support system behind me on this journey. So, if you can't give financially send me an email and let me know you are praying for me. 

    None of this is radical. This is Biblical. 

    Matthew 22:37-40
    Matthew 28:16-20
    James 1:27
    Isaiah 1:17

    Isaiah 6:8 - And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then I said, Here I am! Send me.

    Praise Him.



  • Have Your Way In Me

    As I look back on this blog I'm reminded of God's faithfulness. It's been too long since I've taken time to write it all down. So, let me take this opportunity to catch you up:

    In 2011, after leaving for what I intended to be a year in Zambia, God hit me across the face with His perfect timing. Long (and crazy) story short, out of that time Luyando was born. Now, let me take a minute to get you acquainted with Luyando's ministry.

    Luyando is a non-profit organization based out of Birmingham working in the rural, impoverished villages of Zambia. We seek to break the cycle of poverty through providing opportunities to Zambians, which comes in many different forms. Our ISAIAH 1:17 RESPONSE is our daily programs which consist of Feeding Program, Kids Club, Sponsorship, and Community Outreach. We recently introduced our newest aspect of ministry, our JAMES 1:27 ACTIONLuyando Children's Village came from what the Bible says about how religion should be lived out. If you click all of these links, you can learn more about exactly how we love on the people of Zambia. 

    Picking up where we left off, January of 2012 was the launch of Luyando. Later that month, I returned to the states to fundraise. I have been in the U.S. since then with the occasional summer trip back to Luyando with mission teams. In the Fall of 2012, I started school at Auburn and have been happily living here. I have struggled to find a balance between schoolwork and Luyando. 

    Now that we are all up to date, I want to share what God is doing right now in my own life. For months now my heart has been restless, with an array of emotions that range from excitement about what the Lord is doing through Luyando, to confusion about what my part is in all of this. I think in the back of my mind I always knew that maybe college was not in God's plan for me, but because of what my own mind and our culture told me, I felt that college was necessary to be successful in life. God has been  challenging me on what being successful really means. This has given me a wake up call. Success shouldn't be defined by anything other than Him. I'm currently in school pursuing a degree in Social Work, which would come in handy as far as just being able to say I have a degree. But if I were to break down what I do right now, I haven't needed that degree thus far in directing Luyando. I have just simply tried to follow the Lord's guidance as I do ministry. 

    We find the most joy and the most peace when we are right where the Lord wants us. I find myself most content when I am doing things that involve Luyando and day by day just learning more about God's call on my life through it. Back to that restlessness. In all honesty I have been fighting God on this for months. I'm afraid to follow Him into full time ministry because of all the unknowns and the financial struggles that could possibly come with this change. I'm afraid of not having an education to fall back on. But the conclusion I've come to is this: I can no longer ignore this calling. I must be obedient. I think we see one of the most beautiful examples of stepping out in faith when Peter saw Jesus walking on water. Peter stepped out of his boat and walked towards Jesus. It wasn't until he took his eyes off of Jesus that he began to sink. I've decided I'd rather be Peter. I'd rather step out of the boat than to never have tried and trusted at all. 

    So what I'm telling you is this: I'm ditching this school thing and following the Lord's lead in full time ministry. Some of you are thinking, "You're crazy, you're only 20." To that I say, my age has not mattered thus far, so why should it matter now. God is bigger than any number and can do anything if we are willing to trust Him. So, that's what I'm going to do.

    What will I be doing?:
    In God's perfect timing and sovereignty, Luyando has become a huge part of M.O.R.E. (Mobilization Resources- a missions equipping and mobilizing organization that works with local churches across the country and the world) as a part of their Community Transformation initiative. I will be continuing to focus my efforts to further Luyando, raising up donors, and beginning partnerships across the nation. In addition, I have also accepted the position of Director of Community Transformation with M.O.R.E. In this position, I will be providing ideas, training, and resources for local churches to impact it's community and the world. This will be done through service projects identified, planned, and carried out locally, nationally, and internationally. I will be working with churches in the states as well as mobilizing churches across the world to engage and better their community. I believe that God has given me the opportunity to follow my passion through allowing me to fully commit to Luyando while being able to enable individuals and churches to do the same.

    I hope that you will join me in prayer as I transition into this new season of life. If you would like to join me in another way, pray about giving financially to support me in ministry.

    If you have any questions or any encouragement, send 'em my way! kelsey@luyando.org

    He is Faithful and He always will be.
    Praise Him.



  • Luyando Means Love

    Everything with Luyando has really started picking up! And praise God for it! This, like all other things, is in God's timing and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Our prayer stateside has always been that people would catch our vision and adopt it themselves. Thankfully that has begun happening. I know that they are just as blessed as we are for their help and support.

    On Tuesday, June 12, Emily Neill and I will be leaving for Zambia to work with Luyando for 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks A LOT will happen! I feel like there is just so much we have to get accomplished while we are there! We will both have to take on many different roles and jobs while we are there, anything from administrative accounting work to video and photography. I pray these two weeks will give more people a better view of what we do at Luyando and encourage those already involved. I have no doubt that whatever we do get to accomplish will be of the Lord and that anything that happens, and that ever does, is because of Him.

    One major thing we will do is complete our kids profiles for sponsorship. This is a big job. There are 150 kids who are enrolled in our sponsorship program and we need each child's information. We could get there and be overwhelmed with even more kids who need sponsorship. Our prayer is that while we go through this process with each child, individual and families stateside would feel something stirring in their hearts for the children of Luyando. When we get back in July (after 2 weeks at Luyando we will backpack with e3) these profiles will be put together in packages and slowly but surely be added to our website. If you are interested in sponsoring a child you will have the opportunity to hand pick your sponsor child. We are so excited for what this program will do for these kids and how it will further what Luyando can do as a whole.

    If you are already interested in sponsorship, you can email us at sponsor@luyando.org and we will add you to our sponsor list. If you want to know more about our sponsor program check it out here

    We ask that you be in prayer for the team and for the continued work Luyando does and that through our work Christ would be clearly shown to each and every child we have the opportunity to come in contact with.

    Where I am inadequate, He is not.
    Praise Him