“If we are the future and we are dying, there is no future.”


 The Need

  • With a population of fourteen million, orphans make up 5.6% of the population at over two million. HIV/AIDS affects 66% of Zambians. 46% of Zambia’s population is between the ranges of zero and fourteen years old.  
  • In Simukale Village alone there is a large number of orphans who have no family unit to care for them. As a result they easily get involved in activities that hurt their well-being and destruct their character.

From the beginning, Love has been guiding everything we do and with the new addition of a children’s village (orphanage) there is no exception. 

The Solution

  • Family Units
    • Our homes will consist of 8 children and 1 loving widow
    • Activities like mentoring, homework, cooking meals, etc. will be done as a family.
  • Preserving Culture
    •  By meeting these children right where they are we can ensure they grow up connected to their history
    • Being raised by Zambian house mom's will cultivate an atmosphere for teaching and tradition.
  • Mentoring
    • Our hope is that Luyando Children's Village will raise men and women who go out into their community, their nation, and the world to create change. 
    • Spending time in community with successful agents of change inspires change.  
  • Educational Opportunities
    • Having a private school available to our kids with a smaller teacher to pupil ratio will provide them with a quality education they would not get at most government schools
    • A trade school on site so they can learn how to be a tailor, a carpenter, a mechanic, an electrician, etc. so that when they leave us they may be able to provide for themselves and their families

The How

Luyando needs $200,000 to build the Children's Village and keep it staffed and running for the first 2 years. We add on to construction as the funds come in. That means we rely on your giving to make this a reality.

Will you join us?