We do not have this thing down to a T. Because of that, we will fall short. Unfortunately, that is a fact. BUT that does not mean we will ever give up. We promise to strive to do better than we did yesterday. We are learning to give ourselves grace. While we know there are a myriad of things we have done wrong in the past we refuse to let that keep us from moving forward.

We are a group of individuals that love Jesus and His people. That you can be sure of. We always think the best of our people and hope you do the same for us. 

We operate in two countries separated by a big ole ocean. That brings with it some obvious and expected problems. While we are always communicating back and forth, sometimes our internet in Zambia is not reliable and postpones responses and updates. This does not always mean we forget. 

We promise to put our best foot forward. We ask that you give us patience and grace as we are working the kinks out of this Family Portal.

Pray for this new platform. That it would bring us all a little closer and more light to the life of Jesus. Let this place be an example of how we are supposed to love each other.