Welcome, Family

Luyando Family,

Happy New Year! We hope your 2016 has been filled with Light, laughter and love thus far. We write this today not only to apologize for the lack of communication on our end but more importantly to update you on what is new and exciting for Luyando! 

We want to be completely transparent with you: we have not been doing our part. We have slacked in updating you on Luyando as a whole and specifically your sponsor children. You, our sponsors, are so cherished and without you Luyando would not be where it is today. Read that again, YOU are cherished. The children’s lives you are reaching has had a bigger impact than you will ever know. The Lord said to take up the cause of the fatherless and you are answering that call. From the bottom of our heart, thank you. 

As we come into 2016 we hope to do better. We hope to let you in our Luyando Family completely and to be vulnerable about all information, updates, prayer requests, needs, joys and heartaches that we have. We hope that you grant us grace and forgiveness for our struggles. We are working tirelessly each day to improve our organization. To begin the improvement process we have created a “Family Portal” just for our sponsors! This is a place just for you to be able to see updates, pictures, and specific needs of your child. Furthermore we have created a space to let you be able to send your own letters, pictures and videos! We are beyond thrilled with this new addition and we can’t wait to see what you send and receive. 

This letter is not to say everything will be perfect from here on out, not in the slightest. We are still severely understaffed with only two people working around the clock. It takes A LOT to run a non-profit; especially from two places halfway around the world from each other. Along with that, technology has proven to be unreliable and costly. We are experimenting with different communication tools but it is still inconsistent. With that being said, we are going to do everything we can to get your letters, pictures and videos sent to your child in a timely manner and vice versa. 

This year you, our sponsors, are a top priority and we pray you make the Luyando Family the same. Pray for our transparency to be blessed and that we would rely more on Jesus each day. Be on the lookout for more updates coming soon!

In His Name,

Kelsey Weeks