One Stomach At A Time


Luyando works in a community ravaged by malnourishment. To battle this poverty, Luyando serves food to the children of Simukale two days a week. 

The structure of Luyando's feeding program is designed for reproduction without out-of-country resources.  We wanted to create a balanced nutritional meal that is familiar to our kids. We use the resources in the community so that the concept is something that families can reproduce in their own homes. For example if there are chickens within the village we will purchase from there.  By doing this, we boost the economy of our villages.

Our meals consist of one starch(nshima), one protein (chicken, sausage), a vegetable(cabbage, greens), and a soup/sauce traditional to Zambia. 

Our sustainability efforts get to shine the most in our feeding program. Our staff has a garden that provides all the vegetables needed for our meals. 


Feed 300 Today!

To feed 300 kids on one day it costs $81. Your contribution will make it possible to continue feeding the children of Simukale two days a week. We hope to one day be able serve food 5 days a week. By Giving A Meal you help us reach that goal.