A Small Thing With Big Impact


We have identified the children in our areas that need support. Through sponsorship, the kids who have struggled with malnutrition are able to eat well, receive basic medical care, have shelter, and be a part of our kids club discipleship. 

In this case, sponsorship is a game changer. It can be the difference of life or death for these kids. 

     As a Luyando sponsor you have the unique opportunity to make a difference in a whole community by sponsoring a single child. Our program, unlike most, is concentrated in one area. All of the kids in our program live in that area so, as a result, their sponsoship affects the community directly. 

          For $35.00 a month you can sponsor a child in Zambia.  


Your gift of $420 a year ($35.00/month) will cover the cost of:

          - School fees

          - Basic Staple Items

          - Basic Medical Needs

          - Shelter

          - Discipleship/ Kids Club

As a Sponsor you will:

          - Receive a Profile Pack 

          - Updates on your child



Become A Sponsor

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